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Need to have a car, truck, van or other shipped to UAE but you are not sure where to turn? You have come to the right place when you choose Car Shipping UAE. Whether you need to go to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman or other United Arab Emirates locations from the U.S., we can easily have your vehicle shipped fast and with the best rates in the auto shipping industry.


You can ship new or used vehicles as well as classics, luxury, sports and other cars to UAE. You will of course have to pay taxes and duties but there are no restrictions on vehicle age when shipping from the U.S. You can also ship with open, RoRo, or with enclosed, Containerized shipping methods.


What You Need to Ship to the UAE from the United States


  • Driver’s License (Photo Identification)
  • Vehicle Title (Must be Original Title with Owners Name)
  • Bill of Sale or Commercial Invoice


We offer domestic pickup and delivery to the shipping port. We also assist with customs paperwork and help ensure that you have all that you need for clearance when the vehicle arrives at both the exit port in the U.S. and the entry port in the UAE.



How Cars are Shipped to the UAE


  • RORO- The fastest mode of transport to ship a vehicle to the UAE is with RORO. RORO is a type of auto shipping where motor vehicles are driven onto a sea vessel and then shipped from the U.S. port to the port in the UAE. The port in Dubai offers RORO service and is primarily the only shipping port with this service. Once the vehicle arrives it can easily be transported further inland to the physical location or you may pick it up at the shipping port on your own.


  • Containerized-The safest way to ship a vehicle will be inside of a large shipping container from the U.S. Just as with RORO, vehicles are driven inside of a container but then they are loaded onto the vessel for shipment. Using a container will also allow you to load personal items or home furnishings for the overseas voyage. Ports in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi can receive containers.


Your Car Shipping UAE agent will fully discuss the best option for shipping your personal vehicle. Depending on the coast you will ship from in the United States, the vehicle will take between three and six weeks to ship to Dubai or Abu Dhabi from the states. You will need to pay a tax equal to 5% of the vehicle value when it arrives in the UAE. This tax is based on the actual vehicle value as well the total of the shipping cost and insurance.


Car Shipping UAE also ships across the United States from coast to coast as well as to Alaska and Hawaii. We ship all types of motor vehicles and ship to locations around the world.



Agents Are Standing By

Car Shipping UAE  Agents are standing by to take your calls for auto shipping to the UAE and are ready to provide you with the best rates as well as the safest, and fastest, shipping to the United Arab Emirates.