Personalized Car Shipping to the UAE

When you need your car shipped to the UAE, we work hard to make sure that your services are personalized just for you. Whether you want the car delivered to the shipping port where you can drive it to your new location on your own, or you need to have it transported further inland, we have the services you need at rates that are reasonable.



Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) Shipping

Nee to have a car delivered safe and fast at a cost effective shipping rate? We work with the top RORO vessel shippers in the world and can have your vehicle delivered safely to the UAE as well as other locations globally.


Containerized Ocean Auto Shipping

Ownewrs of luxury, exotic, sports and other expensive cars tend to ship with containerized shipping methods to ensure that the vehicle will not come into contact with elements along the way that can potentially cause damage. Containerized shipping also opens the door to let you transport home goods and other personal items when making a complete move to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other UAE locations.


Domestic Auto Transport

When you need to ship across the state or across the U.S., we have the best shipping options in the industry for you and your vehicle. We offer both open and enclosed transport options and we have the best prices available for each. 



Boat Transport

Making a move to the UAE often means relocating a boat. We safely ship boats of all sizes to and from the U.S. to the UAE and offer low rates on all shipments. You won’t find a better way to move your boat to the UAE or any other location around the world.



Motorcycle Shipping

Working with the leading motorcycle carriers from coast to coast, we guarantee secure shipment from start to finish with every bike that we handle. All transport is fully licensed and insured and guaranteed on time.