Over the years we have worked with some of the most outstanding customers throughout the world. Through this, we have found that the best way to show others how excellent our car shipping services are is to let people hear from customers themselves.


UAE3 “I recently had to go to Dubai on a business trip and needed to have my car while I was visiting. Car Shipping UAe offered me an outstanding rate and my car was picked up and delivered to the shipping port in the U.S. fast. It arrived in Dubai just three weeks later and was ikn perfect condition. Thanks so much for the great professional car shipping services. Having my car with me while away was such a necessity and I now know who to contact when I have to return this fall.” -Kevin Manchester-Port St. Lucie, FL


UAE1 “My husband and I were so happy with the service that we received from Car Shipping UAE when we took our dream vacation to Abu Dhabi this year. Being able to drive our own car while we were there saved us a lot of time as well as cab fare. There is a not a company out there that will provide the superior shipping services and the excellent prices as this company. When we travel next summer we are definitely calling Car Shipping UAE and will be referring everyone that we know to give them a call when they need to ship a car.”-Maxine Beard- Dayton, OH


UAE2 ” I needed to find a company that could ship my car fast because I needed to relocate to Dubai for work. Car Shipping UAE not only shipped my car faster than I thought it could be shipped, but they were able to quote me a rate that was far below the other transporters that I spoke to. My car arrived safely and I could never even begin to say how truly thankful I am for the great customer service and understanding with the fact that I needed it shipped quick. Thanks for the great work with shipping my car!”-Greg Mathes-Dubai/Al Quoz, UAE